Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Clue #2.....

When I got to the LAST block in the pile-finally! a name!  It says Ann (I think) Patterson, and then the initials F.L.G. 1930. Why are the last letters in the pack  YOU? The embroidered block actually has XYZ on it. And a sweet little label that says "made by Mildred"! This lady was ORGANIZED!

I started searching. Nothing came up for Ann Patterson BUT I did find  F.L.G!  Florence La Ganke was quite well known for her series quilt patterns in the 1930's. Some have you may have heard of Ruby McKim who did numerous quilt patterns at that time, and apparently Florence was a competitor of sorts.  I also kept coming across the name Nancy Page as I was sorting through all of this.  Finally what I figured out is that Florence published her patterns under the name of the Nancy Page Quilt Club. There were multiple series over the years. Most were published weekly, say every Sunday, in the newspaper. They were distributed through a syndicate so were in many papers around the country. I have yet to find which of the papers these particular ones came from. I found a reference to the Detroit Free Press carrying in every Sunday starting October 6th, 1929.

Prior to this Florence did a household column. Here is a reference to it from a Syracuse paper:

The Nancy Page household column was introduced February 24, 1927, in the Syracuse (NY)
Coming! Nancy Page / Friend and Counselor / Commencing Monday, The Herald will publish the
daily adventures of Nancy Page, an attractive young married woman who meets and solves
problems of --Dress --Beauty --Food --Diet --Etiquette --Child Care --Economy --House Furnishings /
Created by Florence La Ganke the character of Nancy Page will grow upon all women readers.
Into her presentation of the solutions to pressing problems of the home, Miss La Ganke weaves
Romance, Individuality and Continuity. Ann Kerven,* noted fashion artist, will give Nancy her
costumes in the latest modes. / You will be interested not only in the running story of the life of
Nancy Page, but also in the methods she uses to meet life's baffling problems. / Watch for the first
installment of Nancy Page, to appear exclusively in The Syracuse Herald.  (NewspaperArchive.com)

I thought that was pretty funny. I'll have to search for more on that column too! Stay tuned for more!


  1. I can't wait to see what else you find out.

  2. so neat! congrats on finding such interesting info. This column sounds pretty witty. really enjoying your posts!

  3. Interesting. You are discovering and solving even more mysteries on this hunt. Would love to read a few of the Nancy Page columns.