Friday, September 20, 2013

Block 9-The Ice Cream Cone

Mildred's Block

Such a simple block-but don't you just love it? This one is really fast. I loved that I could use this brown checkered fabric for the cone. It was perfect. Here is Nancy's story continued:

Block 9- The Ice Cream Cone

Before the club members started working the “I” block they discussed the progress of the quilt thus far. Eight blocks had been made. Since the lengthwise strips which would hold them together were cut in full strips the length of the quilt it was impossible at this stage to piece the quilt. But certain piecing could be done. The crosswise strips in white and color could be put in place. The A and E blocks were joined, so were the B and F, the C and G, and the D and H. In putting them together the strips of white and of color cut 1 ½ inches by 6 ½ inches were joined. Two white ones were separated by the one strip of color. This band of three strips now made into a wide strip 2 ½ inches was sewed between the white blocks. This made the finished strip exactly 3 inches wide since the quarter inch taken off at each side for seam allowance reduced the 3 ½ inches to 3 inches.
Nancy did not know where the “I” block was most pleasing to girl, boy or grown-up. Judging by the popularity of ice cream cones it was pleasing to all.
The club talked over the kind of ice cream they would put in the cone. The cone itself was made of yellow or buff fast color gingham. One bright member chose a yellow and white plaid. By butting it on the bias she had a cone which looked exceedingly natural.
In choosing the ice cream the group considered pink for strawberry or raspberry, yellow for French vanilla or brown for chocolate. They believed, after considering it at length that the pink or brown would afford a greater contrast to the buff or yellow cone.
Some of the members put a cherry at the peak of the cream and some did not. It was decided to embroider the cherry, in any case, rather than to appliqué it.
**instructions for tracing pattern, making the templates and embroidering the letter here**
The pattern having dried, the outlines of the ice cream and of the cone were cut out. The pieces were laid on cloth and after allowing one-quarter inch on all sides for turning under were cut. The edges were turned under and the pieces were basted and then pressed.
The ice cream was pinned in place and appliquéd with fine, slanting invisible hemming stitches. Then the cone was put in its place and appliquéd in the same fashion.

The cherry was embroidered with fast color embroidery cotton. Another black was ready for the alphabet quilt.

Have a great weekend everyone! Until next time.....

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  1. So far my very favorite!!! Might be cause I love ice cream ;)