Sunday, October 20, 2013

Block 13- Music

I love this one! Very creative I think.  Also very easy, which I like too!

Mildred's block

Yikes-I didn't press these very well did I?

Let's see what Nancy has to say this week.

Block 13- Music
Aunt Nancy was not sure that Joan would know what the letter M stood for. With radio and victrolas it is so easy to hear and absorb music and never get acquainted with music reading or writing.
But the youngster looked on with interest when Aunt Nancy went over to the piano and showed Joan how the sheet of printed music told her what to play or sing.
Some of the other club members who were making quilts for older children were delighted that Nancy had chosen music instead of mouse or muskrat for the letter M.
As they discussed the number of words which began with M they followed the usual procedure of work.
**instructions repeat here from making the cardboard template and tracing the pattern**
Once woman made hers of purple, another of green, and third chose a soft henna color. One member tried black but decided she did not like the striking contrast that resulted. There was no other black in the quilt and she believed that this would make too strong a note or notes of black. After the pattern was dry the body of the note was cut out. The two notes are exactly the same shape and size, so one pattern did for both.
In cutting the pieces an allowance of one-quarter inch was made on all around.
After the two notes were cut the edge was turned under one-quarter inch. This was basted and pressed.
The notes were pinned and basted in place on the white block. Then the pieces were appliquéd in fine, slanting invisible hemming stitch. The stems of the notes and the letter were embroidered in fast colored embroidery cotton.
For the stems of notes embroidery cotton of the same shade as the note was used. A fine outline stitch seemed best for the stems.
The letter M was embroidered in the same color of fast color cotton as had been used for the twelve previous letters. This of course depended upon the color chosen for the connecting strips

The finished block was laid aside to wait a later time when it would be joined to the “I” block which comes directly above it. Between the two of course, is the connecting band of white and colored gingham.

Can you guess what "N" will be?
Happy stitching until next time!

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  1. I never would have guessed music, but I love it.