Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snow Day=SEW day!

Yesterday we had a snow day! So I did the final steps of the Child's Alphabet quilt. I hope my instructions are clear.

The first thing is to cut all the blocks down to 6 1/2" if you made the initial squares a little bigger as I did. Arrange then in columns as they will be in the final quilt.

Next we will make the sashing to go between the blocks in each vertical column.

Cut from the green fabric: 4 X 1 1/2" strips by WOF
Cut from back ground fabric: 8 X 1 1/2" strips by WOF

Sew a background strip to either side of each green strip. This should result in a 3 1/2" wide strip set. Make 4.

Subcut these strip sets into 6 1/2" units. Make 20.

Sew a 6 1/2" sashing unit to the bottom of each alphabet block EXCEPT for the bottom one on each column.
Arrange back onto columns:

Sew the blocks into vertical columns:
Now we will make the sashing between the columns. 
Cut 2 more strips of green (1 1/2" again) and sew together end to end, making one long strip.
Cut 4 background strips. Sew each pair together end to end, making two long strips.
Sew the background strips to either side of the green strip making a long strip set.

Measure the length of your columns. Mine were 51 3/8" long. Cut 3 pieces from your long strip set to this length and sew them between your columns.

Now we will add 3 borders as follows:
1) 1 1/2" background border
2) 1 1/2 " green border
3) 6 1/2" background border

For each border, but 6 strips by WOF and piece together as needed. I like to measure through the center of the quilt at each step and cut the border strips to this length.

We are done!

Click HERE to download a PDF of the instructions.


  1. This quilt is adorable. I love the broken sashing - it adds so much visual interest! And the turquoise really sets off all the beautiful colours so that the quilt just glows! Love it!

  2. I love this setting. I have downloaded. Now to find some spare time. :)

  3. really great choice of fabrics for you sashings. the top looks great.