Monday, August 19, 2013

A Small Diversion.....

I just wanted to share with you my newest minor quilting obsession. I recently had the opportunity to take a class with Bonnie Hunter. As many of you may know she is the queen of scrap quilting. We were in Hershey PA, for the Quilt Odyssey show. I also met up with some of my online quilting buddies from Pat Sloan's Quilt Mash-up, and we attended a Tea with Bonnie. She showed a bunch of her quilts. Check out her site at Quiltville. Anyway, some of her quilts were from her latest book, String Fling. I fell in love with this one,  called Pineapple crazy.

OH, and here I am with my Quilt Mash-up buddies with Bonnie!

So I decided to try just one of these little paper-pieced pineapple blocks

They're just so darned cute! And use up all the tiny scraps too! I have made 6 so far. I'm sure I'll get tired of them before I have enough for a full size quilt like Bonnie's but I figured one here and there, and they'll add up.

Stay tuned for the next alphabet block coming very soon-The Elephant!

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  1. OH so beautiful. Love all the colors. I have paperstodo a pineapple, but they are still on hold. (Will I ever 'catch up"?)
    Look forward to "E".
    Love the Sloanie pic