Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"C" is for Cat

Isn't this the cutest little kitty? There aren't too many brown 1930's prints but this one seems to be perfect. Nancy used "buff" for hers-would that be beige do you think?


Nancy's Column:

Block 3-the Cat
     The women in Nancy’s neighborhood had formed a quilt club. Each week they met and appliquéd a block in the series of alphabet blocks for the crib or small bed quilt.
      When the pattern appeared in their newspaper each week there was great excitement. “I wondered what would be used for the letter C” Or “ Isn’t the  pattern cunning this week! What color are you going to use, Nancy, for this one?”
       Nancy usually chose her own colors according to her scrap bag. She was using bits of material left over from summer clothes.
       She avoided harsh red or brilliant orange, keeping the colors more pastel-like and softer.
       When she was in doubt as to the fast color of material she always washed it first, because she realized what havoc could be wrought by a piece of a material whole colors run.
        Joan’s quilt was to be white with bands of soft green connecting the blocks. Martha was making a quilt with lavender connecting strips. Dorothy chose pale blue and Jennie had soft yellow. Christine used pink, and Charlotte considered a print in a small pattern for the connecting bands.  But they all chose white for the body of the quilt and all patterns were appliqued on white blocks cut 6 ½ inches square. These blocks were 6 inches when finished for a quarter inch seam allowance was made on all sides.
        The cat in Joan’s quilt was buff with a blue bow. It might have been made of a figured print in buff or yellow with a bow of pink or blue.
**Once again the instructions are repeated for tracing the pattern and making templates. Also the embroidery instructions are repeated.
         The members  learned that is was best to cut the cat in one piece and later to appliqué the bow on top of the cat. In this way the pattern was not so apt to go askew.
         After the cat was cut, then the bow was cut out of the pattern and lad on the blue material. A quarter inch allowance was made her e also. Nancy put the cross piece of the bow on top of the bow itself.
         The edges were basted down and the pieces where pressed. Then they were basted in place on the cloth over the penciled outline and sewed down with fine, slanting, invisible hemming stitches.
         Three blocks, the apple, the bird and the cat were now ready. What would the fourth block be?


  1. So cute!!! I downloaded all of them. Not sure when I can start but at some point I will.