Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's New in my Sewing room

Sorry for the delay! I don't know where the time goes.

Carrie P. of A Passion for Applique was the winner of the charm squares. She liked the goose block the best!

The quilt safely made it to Texas and Liz loved it. I forgot to ask her if any of the marks from the Frixion pen came back. I will find out and report back soon.

I have been working on plenty other projects in the meantime.  I finished a T shirt quilt for my cousin, who's son sadly was killed in an accident last year at age 27.  I am making two quilts for her. One for herself and one for her other son. Here is the first one.

I had the pleasure on meeting Sherri Falls from This and That Patterns at my local quilt shop last week. She flew in from Minnesota to teach some classes.Very sweet lady.  I took the one for her Short and Sweet bags which is not on her web site yet. They are so cute!

 Check out the little mystery that she has on her blog too. Here is the one I made:

This week is Spring break here and my kids and husband are away for a couple of days. I am going to surprise my daughter by FINALLY making her some valances for her room which we have been talking about FOREVER. Here is the first one:

And of course her wallhanging that she has above her bed does not match her new colors so I am making a new one to match the curtains. She loves anything British and I found a tutorial for a Union Jack wall hanging at Lily's Quilts. I am going to quilt it today and hopefully have it on the wall by the time she gets home. It's small, about 36x45, so shouldn't take long. Here is what I have so far:

I'm trying to figure out why my iphone takes such horrible pics while everyone elses look really good. I have a hard time getting them focused and the colors are all wrong. Well it is old for an iphone. That might be it. Anyway the colors on this are mint green in the border and coral for the stripes. 

Today I am going to start a quilt for a fundraiser I am doing in May. Pics to come!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love the T-shirt quilt. Lucky girl getting valences and a new wall hanging to match. I have so many projects going and so many I want to do. Yikes. :)
    Cute bag. She does have cute patterns.

  2. The T shirt quilts will be such a nice remembrance for your cousin and her son.

    Your Union Jack wall hanging is so pretty; I hope your daughter is thrilled with it!

  3. what a nice surprise for you daughter.
    cute little bag.
    thanks for picking my name from your giveaway!

  4. What a lovely T shirt quilt! I know your cousin will treasure it. I am curious about the Frixion pens too. The little bags are really cute. I found your blog from Carrie P.'s.